Cost Plan facilitates making a Cost Management Plan, one of the most critical plans of a project. Without having Cost Management, costs can be uncontrollable and escalate out of managing will result in a project being closed too soon.

Cost Management Plan Template Excel

The Cost Management Plan Template enables you to monitor, control, and manage costs throughout the lifecycle of a project to make sure the delivery of the end products within the allowed budget.

Cost Management Plans are the most vital areas and responsibilities for a project manager. Poor Cost Management Plan of a project is one of the main reasons behind a project failed to obtain its target. The Template helps you to plan, monitor, and manage carefully so that the ongoing problems can be reduced to zero.

Cost Management Plan Template Excel

Why use this Excel Cost Management Plan Template?

Cost control and estimation are key to the project’s success. This Cost Management format helps you in the Cost Management Planning process which is the major part of any project. The template will outline the criteria and activities which must be executed as a part of Project Management.

This template provides a planning structure critical to control the costs of the project and keep them within the allowed budget.

The Cost Plan Template will provide cost estimates, determine the project budget, and control the costs. Using a Cost Management Plan will lessen the need for a clearly defined Cost Management Plan.

The processes of Cost Management are:

  • Plan project cost management.
  • Estimate cost.
  • Determine cost.
  • Control cost.

Cost Management introduces the activities concerning managing a project’s budget. Effective Management assures that the project is completed on budget and according to the planned scope. Cost management is the prime element of a project outcome.

Cost Management Planning Purpose

Cost Management Template describes how a project manager will manage and control the costs during the life of a project. This template helps you to set the scheme and standards by which the costs of a project are estimated, determined, and controlled.

This Cost Management Plan Template also helps you to:

  • Identify who is responsible to manage costs.
  • Identify who can make/approve changes to the project’s budget.
  • How cost is estimated and reported.

The Major Output of This Cost Management Plan Template Excel

This template mainly directs to find out the cost of every single activity and determine the budget of a project. Then, control and managing the project budget to complete the project within the allowed budget.

This Cost Management Template maintains a direction and provides guidance on how to manage the costs during the project lifecycle. For example, you can find out how much money you need in certain phases of a project by using the template.

Download a complete set of project management lifecycle templates | Project Management Plan Templates.


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