The Project Management Dashboard Template Excel is one of the highly recommended management tools that is being used by different companies and successful project managers.

Project management is used for different purposes as projects are one of the best and cornerstones in any successful business. Aside from industry is with its strategies, initiatives that are focused on a particular area of the business.

Usually, the project dashboard template helps to make any organization, growth, progress, and enhancement yearly through planning, monitoring and controlling. Effective and approachable management must create reports and makes the business sustainable for success.

Many small businesses are successfully offering their best services and strategies. Different organizations better know the importance of the project management dashboard. A famous quote, if you are armed with complete knowledge, you can get a momentous edge in a challenging field.

Quick Facts of Project Management Dashboard

  1. It’s a collective database graphical illustration of any project’s progress
  2. Its illustration is based on KPI (key performance indicator)
  3. We can make or edit a complete project plan on this board
  4. Staff may submit their daily task report on this sheet
  5. Easy to find problems by using this spreadsheet

Benefits of Using PM Dashboard

Different business has different goals and objectives to get if it measures all levels of success. Besides certain stages of the goals have been executed. These all are a possibility with the best project management hardworking.

No doubt it is a hard time consuming and all implementing the project management with streamline. You can focus on these queries why project management software/dashboard is useful?

You will have the project management software which may define to get a better understanding and solutions. For instance, if you are in this association you can use these project management dashboards and get a quick guide in the loop.

Professional excel project management dashboards and their benefits are more efficient as they present a continuous performance at peek. Project managers and stakeholders have an approach to make it successful.

Whereas the projection, the experience is a more significant advantage to use!

Always keep in mind that project management is not specifically for project managers. If your stakeholder had permission in so every member may make decisions. They all are improving interactions and communications across the team.

Key Elements Of Project Management Dashboard Excel Template

Below there is some supporting project management software that you can directly connect with the project dashboard. List of excel templates;

Pie Charts: A pie chart plays an important part in project management because it shows the project current progress in percentage and graph. Project managers and top management use its report to understand project status and its completion percentage.

Gantt Chart: Gantt chart is one of the most popular and recommended tools in project management because it represents whole project stats that include project tasks completion ratio, project plan vs job is done, and remaining task percentage in graphs, bars, and percentage diagrams.

Bar Chart: This excel bar chart template illustrates those tasks that are in progress, completed, the percentage of total tasks completed, etc.

What should be included in a Project Dashboard?

However, there are several sheets in the PM dashboard template because a dashboard working is not only based on a single excel sheet. Here we discuss this excel spreadsheet and its purpose;

Project Summary Sheet: A project summary helps to understand project brief details that include project scope, task, project start, due date, time period, and project status.

Data Sheet: In this spreadsheet, you have to provide all kinds of task details, RACI chart data, schedule, work roaster, starting, and planned project closure date.

Project Plan: This project management excel spreadsheet is the core of this dashboard because it has all the essentials of the project. This sheet includes scope, project working plan, schedule, budget, risk management plan, etc.

Dashboard: A dashboard is an illustrated result of different project management documents and plans in the form of graphs, bars, and charts.

Overall Progress: This sheet is responsible for showing project progress data and stats in percentage that show how many projects work done and pending.

Objective: This sheet provides information about the project’s main objectives, the purpose of this project, and its background.

Milestones: In this sheet, we can set our project milestones and their starting, and due dates.

Resource: In this sheet, we enlist all kinds of resources that we need for a project including human resources and material resources. For this purpose, you can use resource planning template.

Pendings: This sheet shows all project pending work, tasks, etc.

Risk Factors:  In this sheet, we mention all risk factors that can affect project results and their working.

Important Notes: In this sheet, we enter extra instructions for workers, policies, rules, and regulations. Also, we can mention project limitations here.

How to Create Your Project Management Dashboard

Project Management Dashboard Template

Instant Access: Download

Make possible needs for the user – talk with them

Identify the dashboard’s primary users and interview them for their needs. Here are a few categories and the ends of a range of responses you might want to touch on in your interviews.

Invent Your Own By Using Proven KPIs

If you are going to spend more time on KPIs and strategies so you have to read some terms and conditions in related boos for the company’s standards and KPIs and strategies.

Measure Your Metrics

Usually, a key performance indicator is KPIs. That’s the drive of success and the key metric of operational factors. Always select the best KPI for each complicated element. This is how when you don’t have the key performance indicators to perform in any organization and effort in the wrong way. Often a strategic or operational objective will need two KPIs, one to balance the other. For example, an objective that demands the revenue KPI go up could be counter-productive if that happens because margins go down, so a margin KPI might be needed as balance.

Conditional and Quick Icons for Rapid Measurements

Always try to make it easy to read and let your reader decide to focus on it. Use all these measurement tools best, bad and neutral results. More columns/icons are used conditionally and formatting that you can find. Easily select any icon which will indicate whether a strategy is best neutral or worse. Use any conditional icons for your rapid assessment.

Make it Neat and Clean

You can make it clean with many white spaces on the dashboard. When your charts show the information and data that you have set so there is no need for an expert.

The easy way is to use a simple click and after press for delete. As soon as you are going to create an excel dashboard, it is a default chart. By clicking get rid of and easy clicking with different shapes, for instance, vertical lines or pressing remove. If you have unique and authentic content so you don’t need any title simply press and delete. You can use these templates for your project management.

Project Management Dashboard Template

How to Use a Project Management Dashboard Template?

No doubt project management is all about juggling with different people. Whereas the expectations, resources, and all information with your name. Usually, project management and managers have to know where is a factor and where is going to be done. If you are dealing with huge capital investment, annoyed developers, angry stakeholders – so this is simple and easy that is done before.

Try not to keep your information in an excel book as it is confidential. Always keep your data in the format of CSV. Sometimes it is hard to know the currency and expiry of the information.

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