In project management, the project scope is a process involved in the planning phase. It includes the determination and documentation of project goals, objectives, activities, risks, deliverables, budget, and deadlines.

Project scope document presented to the investors for getting funds. It is sometimes also referred to as a project scope statement or SOW. Defining project boundaries, roles of each member of the project team, and procedures for verification and approval of work.

The change requests are also generated based on the decision made using the project scope statement. However, the scope document also helps to stay focused during the project life cycle.

There is little difference between project scope and project charter. The project charter doesn’t provide any guidelines on the changed policy. While large scale project always requires having a defined change policy management plan.

There must be enough steps taken to avoid any poor planning and communication. It will ultimately result in the situation of project creep. Project creep means the project requires more resources such as time, effort, and work.

What is Project Scope Document Template

For a project, the project manager collects information on this project and shares it with stakeholders. This project information is based on project specifications, goals, objectives, milestones, budget, project schedule, etc.

As we know that project scope is a legal document that is prepared before launching a project and it is also part of the project plan. The purpose of this project scope template is to document and evaluate project goals, objectives, activities, risks, and deliverables.

This document also provides essential information about a project to working staff, clients, and stakeholders. Employees can get guidelines to complete their daily tasks according to the timeline.

Working staff may also take help from this scope document template for the decision-making phase and request changes in a project if needed. Furthermore, keep in mind that the project charter and project scope management plan both are different project management documentation, however, there some elements are identical.

Effective scope management requires a rigid communication plan. So, every team member must understand how the goals and objectives of the project will be met.

Significance of Project Scope Document

There are several advantages of having a project statement of work for any project. It not only helps in getting funds from the investors. Also, helps the project team to understand how the project goals will be met and keep the project team on the same page.

Project Scope Documentation Template

The project scope plan also defines the procedures for how the approval and verification of work will be processed. It clearly states the changed policy for processing changes during the project lifecycle.

Detailed enlisted of the project scope plan helps all stakeholders understand the project in depth. It also defines a road map for the project managers in the management of project costs, activities, and schedules.

It keeps the project stay on the track defined as per the project vision.

Project Scope Management Document

Project scope management is a process of evaluating the tasks or work required to perform to achieve all the goals and objectives of the project. Its core purpose is to lean the project requirements by identifying and eliminating redundant work.

There are three major processes of project scope management;

  1. Planning
  2. Controlling
  3. Closing

There are 6 processes defined by the PMBOK under the management of the project scope parameters’ head. It includes;

  1. Planning Scope Management
  2. Collecting Requirements
  3. Defining Scope
  4. Creating the Work Breakdown Structure
  5. Validating Scope
  6. Controlling Scope

Steps to Create Project Scope Document

The project scope statement’s importance and benefits have been explained in the above sections. Now, it is vital for project managers to learn; how to make an effective project scope?

Following are guidelines to make an effective scope plan for a simple project;

  1. Conduct a brainstorming session and use 7W’s approach to identify the project needs.
  2. Use the SMART approach and involve all the stakeholders to confirm the project goals and objectives.
  3. Describe the project scope
  4. Define the project expectations and acceptance of deliverables
  5. Identification of the project constraints.
  6. Identify the necessary changes required during the project implementation phase.

A good project scope plan is really helpful in the management of all the processes of project management in the planning, execution, monitoring, and closing phases.

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