If you are searching for a tool, which facilitates you in running your project smoothly and gives you an overall road map for the operational work then this article is for you.

In a process of managing a project, different departments are included and work together for the final successful completion of the project. And the plan which monitors all these processes is known to be the project operational plan. the collection of working of all the aspects that aids in project progress and development are in operational planning. Thus, the operational plan is an integral component of a business plan.

Here we will have a look at the basic concept of project operational planning and discuss some of its examples.

Operational Plan

In a business, no matter whether large or small planning is something that is mandatory for achieving the project goals s and objectives. A business operational plan is a category of tool which monitors the different areas and departments working within the project. It also provides a road map for each task on a timely basis, so the project can run smoothly and reach at finishing point at a decided time. Therefore, it includes the responsibilities of team members and covers the KPIs of the project.

A business operation plan is one of the most popular and extensively used too in the business project industry. This allows you to have a firm hold on the operations and progress of your project. This also highlights the needs and requirements of your business to help you make beneficial adjustments and changes when needed. Therefore, the operational plan should also be monitored and updated regularly to benefit from it at its most.

Types of Operational Plan Template Excel?

Before we go to types of operational planning, it is very important to understand the business planning process and procedure to execute a plan. However, there are 3 types of planning that include strategic plan, tactical plan, and operational plan.

Here are the brief details of types that also explains the operational plan;

Strategic Plan

This plan involves analyzing competitive opportunities & threats, strengths, and weaknesses of the organization. You can also evaluate how an organization effectively achieves the best environment.

Tactical Plan

It helps to create documents, and plans, for a big strategic plan. These types of plans are designed for the short term and executed by department project managers or team leaders.

Operational Plan


This type of plan covers the entire company’s goals and objectives. Furthermore, we arrange them in a manner of phases, action plans, or action item that helps us to achieve a strategic plan. However, operational plans are developed for the short term.

An operation plan has 2 types one is the single-use plan and the second is a standing plan. Basically, a single-use plan is developed for the short term to execute those plans that are not intended to execute in the future. Or we can say that these types of plans are created to achieve some specific types of goals & objectives.

However, use make standing plans for long-term execution purposes. These types of plans are used repeatedly to achieve goals and objectives. For example, companies use marketing plans as a standing plan and use them repeatedly with some small changes.

Non-profit Operations Plan Template

The non-profitable organizations include charities and other serving departments, and these also require a lot of effort to run. The best option to maintain and run non-profitable business projects is always to have an operational plan before starting the project to avoid any issues along the way. As this helps you to give your best in the provided resources and saves you time as well, as projects like these require lots of planning and smart management.

Hotel Operational Plan Template

The hotel industry is one of the important industries and plays a vital role in the economy. Often the hotels have big setups and deal with big projects and events.

Accordingly, to help maintain the balance and keep a check on operation a proper operational plan template must be in use. as this aid in making sure your project doesn’t face any hurdles and accomplish the desired goal effectively on planned time.

Delay or bad service is something that is not tolerable in the hotel industry as it gives a bad impression and affects badly on hotel’s reputation. Subsequently, to keep a mark on the market and to maintain a status always have an operational plan available on hand to use when needed. And to compete with your competitors you must provide the best possible services with the help of hotel operational planning tools.


Consequently, if you want to run your project without any issues and want to reach the end on time you must have an operational plan on hand. As it ensures the stability and consistency of the project in long run.