Understanding significance of your personal data, we are careful regarding collecting it and about it privacy as well. First of all, you should be aware of the fact, that we are not collecting any personal information of yours purposefully or for the objective of sharing it out with any third party.

Go through this privacy policy, which implies for all the products and services available by us, and in case you are confused or conflict of any of them, feel free to contact us.

Which information we collect?

We are only interested in your general information and we collect it for the purpose of providing you best user experience and helping you sending promotions and discounts later on, depending on your information. When you visit our website, and share your general information like name and email address, we only store this type of information purposefully.

Securing your information

We are not selling out your information to any third party; in fact access to your general information is also restricted to our team member, with responsibility of taking feedback from our clients as well as sending emails for any new discounted emails added.

In case of any complain or any confusion, you are free to “Contact Us”.

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