Quality is s something that can not be ignored when we talk about project management. The success of any project is mainly based on maintaining good quality.

Therefore, the quality should be ensured and cannot be overlooked.

Quality Management Plan

A quality management plan is a comprehensive document of a project plan that contains information about the strategies to maintain quality throughout the project. This helps in keeping you on track when it comes to quality maintenance and management. This quality planning tool also aids you in maintaining the quality from the start to the end at every step of every task of your project.

In this article, we will review what quality management is and why is it needed? We will also discuss the steps involved in creating a quality management plan template.

Why Quality Management Plan Template Is Necessary?

The main aim of quality management planning is to ensure that the deliverables are of a higher standard in accordance with the requirements. It ensures that your customers and stakeholders are satisfied with the quality of work. It includes quality planning assuring and finally upkeeping and maintaining the good quality.

It allows you to give your best quality possible. Having a quality management plan comes in handy in quality assurance and management. As will all know customer and stakeholder satisfaction is essential for your project to succeed, a quality management plan makes sure you deliver high-quality goods.

And this will eventually create good terms and a sense of trust and reliability between you, your customers, and shareholders.

Thus, a reliable and well-managed quality strategic plan should be in place in the overall project management plan.

Quality Management Plan Template Doc

Components of Quality Management Plan in Project Management

The quality management and standards include both product quality and process quality. Now let us see what they are and how are they different from each other.

Product Quality

Product quality describes the quality of the product required to deliver to your customers. This usually is identified by the project team after consulting the project charter document. If the product quality plan is not included in it then the recent product needs and requirements are analyzed and compose a standard theme for the quality needed. This will allow the team members to have a better understanding of what quality is needed and they can work on that accordingly.

Process Quality

The process quality is explained and outlined by the quality management team of the project. It mainly is included in the main plan of the project. But with time or in different conditions there might be needed to revise it. In that case, the project quality management re-assess the already existing process quality plan and designs a new one with some alterations in the old plan according to the need.

A trial test is often conducted to check the success and reliability of the newly altered proposed quality plan for the process quality. Therefore, the product made by the process is s tested and the results will tell if the change in the process quality plan is successful or not for better work further in the project.

Steps to Writing a Project Quality Management Plan

The quality management plan makes sure that the quality standards are met and are under control. The quality should be ensured for both procedures and final deliverables.

To achieve a high quality the following step should be the main part of your quality plan:

Making a Quality Plan

The first step is to find out the quality needs of your project. In this step, the managers usually identify the quality needed for specific deliverables. To make the plan more efficient you can maintain lists and checklists in them to deliver the best quality successfully.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance includes the standards for quality management. It makes sure that the quality is well managed according to the planned and approved quality standards. It helps in maintaining and ensuring quality throughout the whole project cycle.

Quality Control

In every process to ensure quality work, there should always be a plan in place to keep a birds-eye on the quality of the work. This is done by ensuring that a proper quality control template is in place to make sure that the project is processing smoothly and providing the best quality deliverables to the customers.

Quality Maintenance & Improvement

Once the quality standards are in place and the work is progressing in accordance with them maintaining a balance of keeping the things up to good quality is the next task. Quality maintenance can only be achieved by keeping your plan updated every step of the way.

Consequently, sometimes as the project proceeds it needs some modifications and changes, the same is the case for quality management and planning. So, you need to make sure that the required changes and alterations are made at right time without delay throughout the project.

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