In manufacturing facilities, several orders of different variety of products are running at a time or turn by turn depending on the type of facility and availability of resources. Whatever the sales strategy of the business either pull-type or push type.

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There is always a need to have a production schedule in hand. Clients require a tentative delivery schedule of products that are given by analyzing the production schedule of the production facility. This is part of project schedule planning.

What is Production Schedule?

As we know, scheduling is the basic part of any project planning, manufacturing management, or business administration. So, when we make a plan, the schedule comes on the third aspect of planning.

In each industry, either project management or business administration especially industrial business management that involves making of any goods/products, use highly paid software and management tools, techniques for the purpose of maintaining production progress in the steam line.

We can also say that a production schedule is a document that covers both the inter orders management and production of particular orders.

In order management, the production schedule helps to understand the availability of resources for particular product variety and delivery of order while the production activities schedule helps to understand the production sequence of the product.

It also helps to increase our resource capacity as well!

Production schedule management is a routine task for manufacturing firms. These charts are based on the facility boards that help production in-charges to understand daily production targets.

Developed manufacturing giants use ERP tools for production planning while small enterprises prefer to utilize free production schedule template excel spreadsheets.

Key Features of Production Schedule Template Excel

The production schedule templates are used widely in small enterprises for daily production management at manufacturing facility job floors. It is considered important for the achievement of daily production targets and timely deliveries of the orders.

It helps the marketing and a sales team to analyze the sales position and offer the deliveries accordingly to the new enquires.

On the job floor, the production schedule helps the production team to manage the equipment and human resource according to the daily production target. It helps the production in charge to identify how many units of particular order are left and what is the next order on the line for which resources have to be managed accordingly.

Production lines require alterations when the production variety change or the change of machinery settings is required. The production team manages the resources keeping in view the next order requirement in terms of quality and quantity.

The key features of the job floor production schedule are the representation of order summary, process settings, list of activities, timeline, and product target.

The production schedule template excel spreadsheets are easy to use, highly customizable, and present all crucial information about the production schedule.

Format of Production Schedule Excel Template

In this section, we will discuss the format of this template and its points that should be included which are;

    1. Evaluate the expected demand
    2. Find out potential and less costly methods of production
    3. Pick the right method of production that consume resources in an effective way
    4. Monitoring & Controlling, and tracking
    5. Any alteration or modification

We can modify these points according to our requirements but the basic functions of the production schedule will remain the same.

Steps To Prepare A Production Schedule in Excel Template

An effective production schedule template can easily be created using an excel spreadsheet. It involves all the information about the product and activities along with the time frame required for the completion of each activity.

Steps to the creation of Production Line Production Schedule Template are;

  • At the top, write down the order, and the production details. In the primary column add details of machines, quantity, product variety, job time, and job description for each day of production in the weekly production schedule template as product management.
  • Adjacent to the primary column adds more columns for the process stages with subdivisions for the inspection date, inspector name, bill of material reference, and standardization reference for each category of parameters written down in the primary column as process management.

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