In project management, the timely completion of the project is considered the major success factor. It is totally dependent on how well the project tasks are managed.

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So, for this purpose, the Project Task List Template Excel is used to manage all the project tasks efficiently and effectively. It not only includes the To-Do list. But many other tools are used for managing the project workload.

It includes all the project tasks from the planning to the closure phase of the project. The major functions in the management of tasks are progress monitoring, project tracking, priority and time of completion, and arrangement of all the required resources.

Project Task List Template Excel

Project task management templates play an important role in the realization of project tasks. It provides several advantages to the project manager’s ineffective monitoring and timely delivery of the tasks.

Tasks manage to streamline the project tasks as per their dependencies and schedule of implementation. It allows the project managers to arrange the resources required for the timely completion of tasks.

Also, it identifies the priority of tasks that requires much care and are crucial to complete on time. Such as the more importance will be given to the critical activities management than slacks that have little margin the deadlines.

The core advantages of the project tasks management template are;

  1. It helps to provide comprehensive detail of all the tasks to see everything at once.
  2. It defines the timelines for the tasks and sets the priorities for their completion.
  3. It identifies tasks with similarities in their required resources or the nature of tasks and groups them all.
  4. It helps in keeping balance in workload for timely deliveries of the tasks.

A better workload plan needs a WBS template.

Project Task Management Approach

Project Task List Template Excel

There are several techniques and tools used for project task management. However, in the first step, the identification, prioritization, and grouping of tasks are given much importance.

5 points approach is helpful for this purpose;

  1. Use the backward thinking approach to start thinking at the end to the start of the project and identify what tasks are required to achieve the desired deliverables.
  2. Arrange a brainstorming session with the project management team to make sure nothing has gone missing.
  3. Break the major tasks heads into the number of do-able tasks that can be performed independently and requires separate resources.
  4. Group critical tasks and set milestones to achieve for marking remarkable achievements over the project life cycle.
  5. Do proper research and consult with experts in the project management field.

Elements of Project Task List

A simple project task management template consists of a list of tasks to perform for the achievement of each milestone. The priority of tasks along with the planned end, actual end dates, and percentage completion of the task at a particular time.

Summary of the project can also be added in terms of the project start date, how many days have passed and how many are left as per the project plan.

Project task management is a process in which all the tasks required for the completion of the project are identified, monitored, and performed. However, many task management tools and techniques are equally helpful in daily life as well.

Format of Project Task List Excel Template

Now, if we talk about this excel template format, there are seven columns that cover important elements like task details, due time, sprint, priority, task status, and completion percentages. And multiple rows are used for the task lists on the scale of months or dates.

However, we can manage this template in dates, weeks, or on a year scale. It all depends on our project requirements. Sheet two contains the data input structure, on which we put data and the result will be visible on other sheets.

Several employees can also put their daily task reports on this input formula sheet and get their results. This excel spreadsheet not only provides listing benefits but also provides multiple user reporting platforms.

Now, project managers, stakeholders, and clients can check project progress reports at a single glance.

What You Get From PTL:

  1. You can get information about each task and running activities
  2. You can set Id’s each task that differentiates each other
  3. Helps you in project task tracking and management
  4. You can set task milestones and due dates and deliverables
  5. You can evaluate task duration

How to Use Excel Task List Template

Identity: First we set task identity, task Name, essential description, explain dependency if any, and then assign this task to a team member according to his skills.

Setting Priorities: This step of “setting priorities” is also important because it helps team members to understand which task is important to complete first. You have to determine starting and deadlines in this step.

Task Status: In this step, you provide information about any development and task completion updates.

4 Project Tracking Template Excel

In project management project tracking is important that evaluate project progress. There are 4 types of tracking templates that help you to choose the right one:

Project Timeline

A project timeline is a project map that helps you to understand a project’s basic deliverables, and tasks details in a specific order. It also helps team members which tasks should complete first before others.

Project Milestones

A milestone refers to a point in the project lifecycle that tells us project status and progress for a planned time span. It also helps to understand which tasks or project phase has been completed and which are due. Milestone also helps you to present your project progress to top management.

Project Gantt Chart

A Gantt chart tool is the best project management tracking tool that you can use almost for all kinds of projects. Basically, it is a graphical representation of project task status and also provides you with a dashboard for reporting, monitoring, and controlling.

Project Progress Tracking

Project progress tracking and monitoring help to evaluate the project’s current status, stats, analytical data, completed task details, etc. You can monitor and control the progress by keeping assisting working teams, skill enhancement, and conducting meetings on problems.


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