Management of timely deliveries is a part of the supply chain management of a business. Therefore, for the successful implementation of the supply chain. Delivery Schedule Template Excel is used for managing timely deliveries of customer orders.

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There are different formats of delivery schedules for different goods and services. But all the delivery schedules involve basic information about the customer, and items to be delivered.

Delivery Schedule Template Excel

It is really important to deliver customer orders on time for brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. For seasonal businesses, when there is a season of sales. They have hundreds of orders in the pipeline. The chances of errors get manifold during the season.

Delivery Schedule Template Excel

The possibility of errors in the form of late and wrong product delivery gets high. To eliminate the chances of such errors. Delivery schedules play an important role. It helps businesses to manage their orders and deliveries.

Delivery schedules are easy to use and can be customized easily to adopt any business nature. It provides a visually color-coded identification of which orders have been delivered, which are pending delivery in the recent date, and which orders are coming next?

Delivery schedules also help the sales team to check the availability of orders for a specific time period. So, they manage the upcoming order deliveries accordingly.

These schedules are helpful for the production floor team to plan the productions as per the delivery schedules of the product.

Delivery schedules also play an important role in assuring the safety of the product during the transit period. It carries instructions to follow and arrangements to do before the delivery of the product. So, the product doesn’t get damaged or hurt someone due to its harmful nature during the transit period.

Elements of Delivery Schedule Excel Template

Delivery schedule templates are useful in many ways. The information present on delivery schedules is used by sales, production, and supply chain teams to manage the tasks accordingly.

Therefore, the effectiveness of the delivery schedule used at some businesses is directly related to what information it carries. It is important for all the stakeholders to carefully review the delivery schedule. So, it can be developed in a way to help every stakeholder. Also, eliminating is the need for duplication work.

A simple delivery schedule must have the following information to present;

  1. Number
  2. Order Number
  3. Order Description or Details
  4. Quantity
  5. Customer Name
  6. Scheduled Delivery Date
  7. Available Margin in Delivery
  8. Actual Delivery Date

There are some delivery schedules that are made for the specific nature of the job. As delivery schedule made for the transport of harmful chemicals will also include the nature of the chemical, concentration, associated risks, hazard class and severity, and expiry date.

How to Make a Delivery Schedule Template in Excel?

A simple delivery schedule can be crafted using an excel spreadsheet. It doesn’t require any professional skill in excel to make one.

A table consists of different columns with headings as sr. #, order #, order detail, quantity, customer name, scheduled delivery date, and the actual delivery date is the most basic form of delivery schedule template.

It can be used to record delivery information of any business along with the columns in horizontal rows.

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