The PERT Chart Template Excel is a tool used by the project manager for evaluation of the project schedule in terms of project completion time, activities, and project cost.

It’s a formulated tool developed in MS Excel to enhance the compatibility, editing, and customization features of the template.

PERT Chart

PERT stands for Project Evaluation and Review Technique. The PERT chart is a final visual representation of the PERT network diagram after the application of calculations.

However, the PERT method is pretty similar to CPM. Although it has the advantage over the CPM in terms of better estimation of the project activities completion time.

The CPM and PERT tools are a very important part of the project planning phase. The successful scheduling of project is the result of these techniques.

PERT Chart looks similar to the precedence network diagram. The same diagram is used in the critical path method for analysis.

The outcome of the PERT chart is the elimination of all the redundant activities from the work breakdown structure of a project.

pert chart template in excel

Project management requires a number of activities as well as proper project tracking down so that no one can leave behind. It is not that one person is left at stage A while others are proceeded to stage C as they are interlinked with one another when they are working as a team and secondly activities are interlinked with one another too.

Even the easiest and most complicated projects, both require pert chart excel to prevent any wrong assumptions about objectives and the time limit available to complete them.

Once a table is available that outlines different factors, not only management is improved in fact, but as a manager you are able to increase the efficiency of your project increasing the chances of your promotion and taking along your team members as well. During creating a project portfolio dashboard these stats need you.

Complex situations and difficult time targets in a specific project can be easily managed by perfect and highly collaborative teams; therefore project managers keep on adding strategies, which can link the team members with one another and complete the project in a given timeline.

Excel is never challenged, for its outstanding help for project management as it is part of various charts and tables and here its role is implacable as well. Pert chart templates can both keep smaller teams and larger teams working together and specific stage information is always available to managers.

This is another reason for these charts are always adored by the owner of small and large business owners. If you have initiated business with a smaller capital amount, adding these charts in your company for a management person is not only cost-saving practice, in fact, the best free solution as well.

What is the difference between PERT Chart Template Excel and CPM Template?

It is important to understand the difference between the two famous project scheduling and evaluation techniques. Both techniques follow almost exactly the same steps for calculation.

However, the only difference in both techniques is in the estimation of project activity completion times. The CPM technique uses a unique deterministic estimate of time for the whole calculation of critical path, critical and non-critical activities, and slacks.

However, the PERT chart is developed based on special time estimations generated from three different completion estimates of the project tasks.

Moreover, these 3-time estimations are referred to as optimistic, most likely, and pessimistic time estimates. The expected or mean completion time of the task is calculated using the below formula: 

Benefits of Using Excel PERT Chart Template

The fundamental use of PERT chart analysis is in the project scheduling process of the project management domain. However, this technique is used in many other domains due to its potential benefits.

The outcomes of the PERT chart analysis are the following:

  1. PERT network diagram to support visualization of project task dependencies.
  2. The critical path of the project.
  3. Project completion time
  4. Critical tasks and Non-Critical tasks of the project.
  5. Slack or Float of the project’s non-critical activities.

The above benefits of the PERT chart analysis can only be achieved on a complete understanding of the following terms of PERT Chart analysis:

  1. WBS
  2. List of Tasks
  3. Mean Time
  4. PERT Tasks
  5. PERT Event
  6. PERT Predecessor Event
  7. PERT Successor Event

Pert Chart Template In Excel Format

PERT Chart Template in Excel

Ability to make collaboration just simply instantly laid down the format of the document in a complicated manner, but this is not true. Pert chart is as simple as any other available chart or one created by a new user of excel; therefore, it can be understood by anyone as well.

Enjoying efficiency benefits has never been so simple without the availability of pert chart template excels:

  • Performance-Based Pert Chart In Excel:- Usually the main role of this type of document is to allow a platform for managers, who are not directly interlinked with their project team members or who are not specifically watching the ongoing performance of the project; therefore, this can now be done with help of this sheet in excel template. Comparing the performance of your team members can now be down by chart rather than requiring the active participation of any member or manager.
  • PDF Pert Chart Template: – Elements of success always include time factors both for personal life and for professional life, therefore forgetting it simply means, you can achieve your goals but completing them in the available time is just impossible. Pert chart in PDF form is different from simple excel sheets as they are usually prepared vertically than horizontally and therefore timeline is shown vertically, an ideal among other formats and removing confusion which is commoner with a horizontal format. Add more fields in the template according to your feasibility.
  • Project Plan PERT Sheet Excel:- Techniques for making the impossible possible is easy with pert chart template excel, therefore it is used for multiple purposes and especially the managers who are able to identify its main role, are not now limited to project manager, in fact, planning process also requires this sheet. The analysis, design, and programming stage is not the same and whenever any process is completed, the new one is given to project team members, and role and performance can be accessed through this free sheet.
  • Pert Chart Example:- the sooner you have access to the present condition of the project, the better the upcoming plans can be prepared so here is a solution for you in form of an excel template pert chart.

Steps to Make PERT Chart Template in Excel

The PERT chart template excel creation is similar to critical path analysis. It involves the creation of a table the information about WBS, all the tasks, dependencies, and meantime estimates.

Using the activities meantime, sequence, and list of tasks a PERT network chart is developed. Moreover, the forward and backward pass techniques are used for finding all the potential outputs of the PERT chart method.

It is recommended to write the task WBS number and mean duration on the arrows of the PERT diagram.

  • Critical tasks, which are not otherwise managed or result in loss of resources can be avoided by pert charts.
  • Use the same prepared chart for different projects, especially if they are linked or have any similarities.


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