In project management, as the domain is spread over so many tasks the keeping track of roles and responsibilities becomes a challenge for the project team.

Here comes the role of the RACI Chart Template Excel. It’s is a responsibility assignment matrix used by the project for the assignment of roles and responsibilities for completion and handling of each task on a project.

It stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed. Each letter demonstrates the level of responsibility for certain tasks on a project to eliminate confusion, crankiness, and demotivation in the project team.

RACI Chart Template

The basic purpose of this excel chart template is to make a matrix in which we allocate responsibilities among the employees.

In other words, we refer to this documentation template assigning or defining roles and responsibilities, task duties, milestone completion, and decision-making authorities among employees who are working on a specific project.

Furthermore, we declare authorities and roles power that are involved in the completion of the project and their limits or levels.

By applying these management tactics, we can easily monitor, control, and evaluate who is doing what and to how extent he/she is responsible for any act.

As explained earlier, RACI defines the 4 levels of responsibilities for the project team as follows;

Responsible: This team member is directly linked to the completion of the task. Every task is assigned to at least one responsible member.

Accountable: Normally a project manager delegates the tasks between his team members and reviews the completion of task or deliverable. An accountable person can be from the responsible party. Someone from the responsible party can review the task completion as accountable.

Consulted: Every task, milestone, or deliverable is recommended to be review by more than one team member. These people are normally other than responsible and accountable. They provide input on how the work will impact the project’s future work.

Informed: These are the stakeholders who are needed to be kept updated about the progress of the project rather than giving insight details on each task.

Advantages of Using RACI Chart Template Excel

RACI Chart Template Excel

There are several advantages of the RACI Chart in terms of better human productivity, utilization, and management. It perfectly maps the project roles and responsibilities over a task to avoid repetition of work.

It gives the motivation to project team members to come to the front and take responsibility. It gives transparency to the process of responsibility assignment and motivates team members to act responsibly.

RACI Chart template excel is very helpful in decision making by eliminating the conflict about task ownership. It allows the project manager to evenly distribute the project workload and reduce the turnover of the project.

How To Create A RACI Chart Template

A RACI chart excel can be easily created using an excel spreadsheet tool. The following steps can be followed for creating an effective RACI Chart:

  1. Create a table and enlist all the project activities, milestones, and deliverables in the first column.
  2. Similarly, write down the names of all project team members with roles across the first row of the RACI Chart.
  3. Finally, assign a responsibility value for each activity against project roles by writing R (for Responsible), A (for Accountable), C (for Consulted), and I (for Informed).

In conclusion, the RACI matrix excel template clearly defines the responsibility levels for each task of the project.

It transparent the process of responsibility assignment and gives the ownership of tasks, milestones, and deliverables to the project team.

On the other hand, it’s the easiest approach towards the management of human resources in a complex project using a pretty familiar spreadsheet-based tool.

When to use a RACI Chart Matrix

This chart template helps in that way when we need more than one person that is working on the same project or where tasks are dependent on each other. At that point, we need this matrix template that helps us to identify who is responsible and the roles of a working team.

When a RACI Matrix of Roles and Responsibilities:

  • In the process of decision making
  • To reduce the misunderstanding of task responsibility and project.
  • When to distribute project workload among the staff.
  • When we need a new team member on a project that is already in progress.


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