It’s important to use the right approach for data analysis and this is vital for project success. Product Metrics Dashboard Excel Template helps managers in managing redundant tasks and free templates are also available for the purpose.

Additionally, “time equals money” and this especially true for managing the complex types of projects (i.e. new types). Effective dashboards make analysis, management, and decision-making easier.

Product Metrics Dashboard

For instance, so what’s the best way to deal with various projects, remaining aware of the KPI as well? Dashboard sheets consisting of charts, tables, highlights, make tracking simple!

Product Metrics Dashboard Excel Template

On the subject of this, that’s why sales and Metrics dashboards are vital tools for sale leaders and smart managers. In all honesty, either a one is new to “executive” or “much experienced”, taking 2nd idea and outside approach is always better!

Share these exclusive spreadsheets with your team members in the meetings, and you will have a lot of plans! It’s all about the right choice for the tools and your strategies, which are now easier.

Business Product Matrix Dashboards To Boost Productivity

Now you are able to share clear, consistent and relevant data throughout your projects and product lifecycle using these some templates excel. Let’s have a look:

Sales Performance Dashboard For Managers

All growing projects and products face the same challenges and problems. In particular, sales performance templates are exclusively available, which can fit into any kind on the industry, “decreasing your costs” and “improving outputs”. These dashboards are:

  • Regarding this, dashboards summarize complex information and present it in an easy and understandable; digestible way.
  • Better organization”, “tracking”, “budgeting”, “planning”, “cost control” and “productivity”.
  • Specifically, you are able to focus on marketing than anything else!
  • Which opportunities were recently won and lost?
  • Look out for, which of the products are achieving targets?
  • Everything will be in one organized place.
  • Yes, this is true. Dashboards save of capital.
  • In particular, you are able to cycle up data by week, month or annually.
  • Everyone will be on the same page.
  • Alternatively, you are never stuck because critical data or better organization is possible.
  • Conditional formatting, color highlights, editing, cost-effectiveness, and user guides, are there for you.

Executive Product Metrics Dashboard

As a business chief, you never need to think twice about your business group’s advance and movement. To tell the truth, presently you can without much of a stretch see what needs your consideration at the present time with this executive dashboard:


  • It provides data access and business insights through an intuitive excel sheet.
  • Advanced charts and tables types, make data analysis easy!
  • To tell the truth, it is easy to install, and start using it instantly!
  • As for this, “Making proficient courses of events” and “Gantt diagrams” has never been less demanding.
  • Concerning this, Consistent incorporation into PowerPoint and a capable yet basic Timeline is best for tracking.
  • Cell styles & formats, help you make changes in the spreadsheets. You can always come up with something new and amazing!
  • In a like manner, “you know what’s working and what’s not working”. (i.e change your plans and strategies on the right time)
  • Objectives- change with time, and you have access to them.
  • For instance, your dashboard could demonstrate you precisely how your last email impact to your clients went.
  • Protected areas and automatically saving keys to save your data and effort!

Personalized Financial Dashboard Template Excel

As a matter of fact, Dashboards are produced with the capacity to get as more “profound in data” as required by just choosing the coveted variable or question. Here are key highlights of these management tools:


  • How are our sales and finance changing?
  • Retention- if doesn’t affect projects and main operations!
  • Awareness- Are your staff members trained and ready for technology? Do you have the latest tools?
  • Are we sourcing enough opportunities to meet our future goals?
  • In addition to this, it ensures collaboration, and explore new opportunities for success**.
  • Accessibility- yes you can use the reports on multiple formats. “Cloud computing”, “data protection”, “Google sheets” and “mobile devices”.
  • Who should I congratulate today?
  • Formulas, hyperlinks and highlights, even colors, yes all in your single financial dashboard.
  • Calculation options, and editing- you are always ahead of management and complete your targets on time.
  • To tell the truth, you have, “list of tasks”, “workload”, “earned value”, “actual costs”, “objective”, “min focus” & risks, all in all.

Specifically, it’s true, that no extra programming skills are required, it means no extra staff person and no extra capital expenses!!!

Project Management Dashboard Template in Excel

One of the most famous and recommended project management tool that is being used by different success full project managers and companies. The basic function of this management template is to help us in making of any kind of project plan, project budgeting, scheduling, tracking status, etc.

Furthermore, it’s easy to make entire project plan from scratch to finish.

Data Illustration With Product Metrics Dashboard Excel Template

Indeed, the truth of the matter is that when you see your “key measurements” in your dashboard, you instinctively begin “enhancing your outcomes”. Definitely, you have better handle over your products and projects:

  • Where do “data errors” occur?
  • In fact, a very modern and impressive layout!
  • Red color and arrows for showing alerts, and dangers.
  • In fact, how often errors occur?
  • Moreover, an effective competitor analysis is possible.
  • Print areas for each dashboard, grow your business easily!
  • The visual editor is usually available.
  • Our sales activities meeting our goals?
  • Specifically, this dashboard allows seeing, at a glance, an “overall situation” report of the desired information.
  • Of course, scheduling of tasks both online and offline is possible.
  • User-friendly interface, and available in different formats.
  • How effective are our team’s sales activities?

Well you need a revenue breakdown for stakeholders, or you need to manage and track multiple projects at the same time, these tools are there for you!

You can even review inventory orders, earned value, staff rotation sheets and all in all. Get these templates right now and grow your business. You can always share your reviews in the blow comment section.