In the process of managing an organization keeping things in and effective management and planning is very important. One way of doing this is to cut the tasks into smaller sections to make them more manageable and easy to work with.

This is the reason project managers split the task into smaller pieces and divided them into sub-departments.

Once the work is divided it is important to distribute and allocate the work precisely and professionally. At this point using a proper tool will prove to be a smart move.

That is why the project action item template is used to describe the allocate the relevant duty to the relevant person. Mainly the easy explanation is that the action item is an easy description of the work and duties.

Often people ask the common question what is an action item and why is it needed. To work with tools like action item templates a complete understanding of the method is very imperative.

Therefore, we will try to cover everything you need to know about action items and the way this process works.

For the sake of teaching and understanding here we will be discussing what is an action item and how it works. We will be shedding light on all of its important aspects as well.

What is Project Action Item List Template

Project Action Item Template

The action item basically is a stepping stone for the complex and lengthy process of project execution. In a bigger project duty allocation and distribution of tasks can be tough and messy.

Here in this situation comes the action item template which helps you do the job easily by dividing the work into smaller sections.

Therefore, the action item must be clear, precise, and easy to understand. The action item is usually dealt with by the project managers or higher authorities of the project as it needs special care to deal with tasks allotment.

Managers and team leaders are the main people responsible for deciding roles setting tasks and breaking them down into smaller parts. It is also significant for managers to know which tasks need one or more than one member, as some tasks are tough and lengthy.

Subsequently, even though the action item makes things easy there is still a need to task good care when dealing with and managing the process to avoid errors.

Why Using Project Action Items List Template

As we know action item is the best tool you could use to manage and track down tasks and employees’ allocated responsibilities. This will give you a firm hold on the working of your team and the ongoing processes as well.

By tracking down the team’s work you can also analyze the performance of each individual working on the project as an action item basically deals with tasks and responsibilities. That is why the action item tool is also known as the rolling item tool.

The action item is a useful tool and can help in many ways to keep control of the tasks and processes as it can hold and deal with many things at a time.

Key Elements Of Action Item List

Mainly the action item tools include the list of tasks and allocation details. But with time things get improved and more advanced. Nowadays a general project action item template includes the following components:

  1. The allocated number of tasks to make them distinct from one another.
  2. The details of the person responsible for designing and owning the responsibility of assigning the action items.
  3. The basic details and description of each action item.
  4. It is vital to keep account of the status of each process and has a separate section to record it in the action item template.
  5. The important dates like starting, finishing, and deadlines.
  6. Often the supporting documents are also added to support the process.

Benefits of Rolling Action Item List

When dealing with the project process the action item template could serve in a great way. There are so many ways this tool could benefit you and the processes of the project you dealing with.

For instance, as it keeps track of the processes and allocations this could help in identifying if a person is falling behind or needs any help. As falling back could be problematic for the future of the project.

So, identifying the errors and issues on time is a great way of keeping the processes running at a smooth pace. This tool not only ensures the smooth running of the tasks it also saves a lot of time by its quality of tracking down of the project performance.

Tracking Progress With Excel Project Action Items List Template

As we get data from the action items template, now it is easy to track which action item is completed or not. Below are some recommendations for action item tracking that helps your staff to keep updated on the latest developments.

Breakdown Tasks

First, you have to break down tasks into small tasks for this purpose you can use WBS. This technique helps you in better task management.

Better Communication

It’s important to make a better communication process that results in better project progress. Because your team can understand what you are asking for and discuss their relevant issues.

Enough Information

When you assign a task to a team member make sure to provide enough information about relevant tasks and also put instructions and advice. This technique helps team members to understand how they execute project action items.

Equipment & Tools

In last, you have to provide all necessary types of equipment and tools to execute action items. For this purpose, you can use different types of project management document templates.


As in the above discussion we have seen action item tool is essential and very useful in many ways without any question. Additionally, the action item list precisely shows how the project going and what is the needs of a task to get it completed on time.

So, to keep track of the project tasks you must use a project action item tool when managing your project.


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