Looking to plan something new project, excel base Project Roadmap Excel Template helps the manager to track and report. Now you are able to enhance planning and organization for your projects through tracking and scheduling milestones and deliverables on time.

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Project managers are required to manage multiple processes; therefore project timeline excel template for the project manager is now prepared; which covers all the aspects of planning and ensures the successful accomplishment of the most challenging and bigger projects on time.

What Is Project RoadMap?

It’s a diagram illustration-based template that represents a complete project plan over the proposed time period. We can also say that an executive overview of the project plan includes objectives, tasks, milestones, timeline, and deliverables.

Project Roadmap Excel Template

This template helps project managers quickly review project status and currently running tasks.

Furthermore, a roadmap is a communication reference that helps you to keep your project on track during a project lifecycle. It helps team members to concentrate on priority-based tasks and remainings.

Probably, splitting up tasks in your project team and then tracking is also possible through this excel spreadsheet; and any time changes in the schedules and plans can make.

What Does A Project Roadmap Include?

There are a few points that make a roadmap effective;

  • It must have brief details of project goals
  • The project timeline must be included
  • Project task list and deliverables headings
  • Work breakdown structure or work plan is essential
  • We can also highlight high-risk factors
  • Another factor is dependencies that should be included

Project Roadmap Used For?

  1. This roadmap helps to quickly understand project plans & goals
  2. Helps to fulfill stakeholder’s and client’s requirements
  3. It helps team members to share their understanding across the company that how we can achieve our project goals
  4. This template helps to build the communication plan

Types of Project Roadmap Template Excel

Here are we discuss the most popular excel roadmap templates that are used in vast sectors;

Types of Excel Roadmap Templates

Project Roadmap Template

Some Keypoints of the Project Roadmap are;

  1. The entire process of project management and tracking is made simpler through this template.
  2. Finance management and project budgets, as well as earned value from the project all important features, are part of this template; therefore if any project is crossing the budget, it can track instantly.
  3. Inventory management is possible through this excel sheet, and therefore holding costs can reduce.
  4. Some areas which require immediate attention can view through this template and production is diverted towards it.
  5. It is easy to share among the team and therefore better communication.

project roadmap template

Whenever any change is made, it must make clear to all the team members and this is possible through this template.

Project managers are now able to properly concentrate on planning and production; rather than worrying about any confusion in the project team.

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Product Roadmap Template

A product roadmap is an excel template to help us to illustrate our product plan, goals, missions, objectives, achievable, etc. In this process, we make plans and strategies to achieve where we want to take our product.

product roadmap template

This product roadmap helps team members to keep their product plan on track to achieve their desired outcomes because this tool provides strategic and operational directions.

Portfolio Roadmap

A project portfolio roadmap gives us a high-level overview of the project, helps in managing relationships within the projects, tells us project deadlines or task deadlines and due dates, and brings visibility across the projects.

portfolio roadmap template

It has also the ability to drill down to low-level details and works for all kinds of project plans.

Agile Roadmap

By using an Agile roadmap, a product team can visualize the future product status, progress, and release. Besides this, the roadmap has unique distinctive i.e; short time periods, software testing it helps to adjust changes during a continuous test, etc.

agile roadmap

Basically, agile roadmaps are designed in such a way to demonstrate product strategy, how to face changes, how to compete with the competitors, intellectual values as well as product designing and engineering complexity.

Project Strategic Roadmap

It is a navigation map or a compass for your project and business that shows the direction of success.

However, we can say that it is a demonstration that helps users to understand a plan of action that leads toward project long-term goals.

FAQs About RoadMap

Here are some useful frequently asked questions that help you to understand roadmap working and its types.

What is the Primary Purpose of the Roadmap?

A roadmap is the pathway or guidelines that help team members to understand what to do, how to do and when to do it. So, we can make the roadmap for any type of work, business, and project. For megaproject, where the project completion time is more than 5 years, we should provide communication channels for team members.

What are the Common Types of Roadmaps?

Project Roadmap, product roadmap, agile roadmap, and strategic roadmap are the common type of this tool.

Core Elements of a Roadmap?

Usually, a roadmap has the following core elements:

  • Project/Product Goals
  • Strategic Plan
  • Details of product Key releases and features
  • Epics Details
  • User’s stories
  • Timeline

When To Update Roadmap?

A project plan in the execution phase needs constant improvements and reviews, that is why we need to update the plan according to the situation. So, we have to update the roadmap, but it depends on your work type.


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