A Project Business Case Template Excel is produced in the project initiation phase that describes the project purpose, its core benefits, procedures, etc. This business management document plays a vital role in project documentation as we use this doc to communicate with our partners and stakeholders to tell them about our project benefits and outcomes.

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However, there is a difference between project proposals and business cases. A proposal doc only defines why we need this project, basic vision, mission, and some financial assessment reports, but a Project Business Case Template is a document that provides more details of the project.

As we know, a BC is produced in the project initiation phase, so it includes a brief description of a project that the project program manager, top management, and stakeholders can review, accept, modify and reject.

Another benefit of this Business Case Template Excel document is that it is produced at the initial of a project, so, if business needs and scenarios change, you can change your business plan according to them that saving your capital, resources, and time.

How to Write a Business Case

Here are some essential outlines that you need to follow when producing a PBC:

Project Business Case Template

Executive Summary

It’s a brief description or overview of a project that is produced for top management, clients, partners, and stakeholders.

Project Definition

In this section, you must provide precise information on project objectives, goals, mission, deliverables, and project plan.

Vision, Goals, and Objectives

As we know, each project has its own type of vision, goals, and objectives, so, in this section, you have to evaluate your project goals and objectives that describe your project outlines, scope, and deliverables.

Project Scope

Project scope is a document that defines all kinds of project tasks and deliverables that are meant to be completed that result in obtaining objectives.

Background Information

In this section, you can explain a piece of brief information regarding project backgrounds, issues that may arise, and their solutions. Also, you can describe here the project’s strategic plan.

Criteria and Stakeholder Requirements

Each project has its own type of quality assessment measures and that’s vary project to project. So, you can set project criteria, policy, and stakeholder requirements according to project needs.

Project Plan

A project plan is the core document in the project documentation. So, to create an accurate and precise project plan, first, you need to split up your whole project plan into small pieces of a task. For this purpose, you can use the WBS template. You can also use a task management tool. This technique will provide you with all the necessary information about each task then you can set RACI against each task.

Project Budgeting

In this section, first, you need to evaluate the project cost and budget that might be needed to complete a project in the proposed scheduled time.

Project Scheduling

Project scheduling is another important document because this will schedule the whole project work routine. So, to make a project schedule plan, first, you need to establish a project timeline and set tasks. For this purpose, you can use the Gantt chart tool.

A Gantt chart template provides the best illustration in the form of graphs, charts, and bars.

Project Controlling

In this project controlling section, you need to set rules and policies that will apply across the project. Basically, it defines RACI, team members, team leaders, project framework, etc.

Communication Plan

A communication plan is another core document in a project plan because it provides a pathway to communicate within and outside the project.

Progress Reports

A project progress report helps to track the project’s current status which is monitored by project managers, top management, program managers, project board members, partners, and other stakeholders.

There are many types of project tracking templates and tools that are highly recommended to use. Here is the best project progress tracker tool along with a portfolio dashboard.

Financial Assessment

This section is related to project financial assessment, cost-benefit analysis, and its impact on a project. In this section, you can explain project cost over project benefits. Also, review Financial Projection Template.

Market Assessment

To fill the section, first, you need to conduct an analysis of your project market, and competitors, to evaluate opportunities and threats. You can also you BCG Matrix for this purpose and to make a Business Case Template Excel.

Competitor Analysis

Here you have to explain how their competitor running their project and capturing the market, how you can complete them, and what business strategy you can adopt.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is an all-in-one project management analysis tool that helps you to identify your project’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, AND THREAT FACTORS. Review SWOT Analysis Template.

Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy defines how you can capture the market, targets, clients, and customers.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment doc is part of a risk management plan because we conduct analysis and evaluate risk factors and possible risk aspects that can affect your project. Use the Risk assessment tool.

What is Included in a Business Case Template?

However, there is certain information that must include in a Business Case Template.

Objectives of the Project and its goals

What company is wants from this project

Investment appraisal with forecast data to illustrate ROI

Cost Benefit Analysis Report

Evaluation of business opportunities

Brief report on project relation with company strategic business plan

Project Cost ( includes operational, human, and material)

Project Timeline

Resource Management Plan and Procurement Plan

Types of Risk (level and acceptable level)

Project Limitation & Restriction

Options that help top management to consider before making a final decision

Project Business Case Template Example

However, if you want to understand what a business case looks like and what the important points in this Business Case Template Excel document then you must consider this example seriously.

Here is an example that will help you to understand a business case document template in a real-time scenario.

Project Business Case Example

Business Case FAQs

Here are some important FAQs that you need to know:

Who Approves a Business Case?

A business case is approved by the project sponsor i.e.; a person or a group of people who are investing in a project.

It is also necessary to make sure all benefits and goals are smart and can be accomplished and has a high rate of ROI.

Tips To Make Best Project Business Case Template?

Here are some tips to make the best Business case:

  1. Make sure the project full fills program management goals and business strategies.
  2. Make sure to synchronize all project plan data that including project financial assessment and timeline sync with a business case.
  3. A business case defines all the project objectives, goals, and achievable.
  4. This document must explain all realistic benefits.
  5. This doc should define how to determine project outcomes.
  6. A Business Case template excel must explain project charter and team charter rules and policies.
  7. You have to explain whether necessary capital and funds are collected or not.
  8. You have to include details about the budget, and financial criteria.
  9. You can explain the project’s operational cost and any direct or indirect cost that is necessary to complete the project.
  10. The best Business case must include project cast and risk factors, as well as you can include cost-benefit analysis stats in this document.
  11. You can also include break-even analysis data in your Business case template.
  12. It is recommended to include a risk assessment report in your document.

Life Span of Business Case?

However, this document contains all essential information about your project that project board members can use in the decision-making process.

Who Owns a Business case?

This Business case document is owned by a person who is the sponsor of this project or investing capital in that project.


After reading this article, now you have enough information on a business case, how to make it, and the reason to make a business case template. Furthermore, now you can make a professional detailed business case for any company and project.


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