Project Change Log Template

Are you in search of a tool to keep track of all the important and vital information and changes happening in your project? Then the Project Change Log Template can prove to be a great help.

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The project changelog is the database of all the important and valuable deviations of the project. As we all know a well-planned project is the one that gets success and timely completion in the end.

Successful planning can only be done if you have all the impermanent data collected in one place. In these situations, tools like Change Log can be of tremendous help.

In this article, we will discuss what is the Project Change Log is and what is its significance.

We will also have a look at how it works and helps in project management.

Project Change Request Log

This tool is a document that is made to document all change requests needed during the project. It helps in entertaining and looking at the request in a proper way. This will be useful in addressing and completing the important ones first.

Moreover, you can make a descending order list of the change request by using the data from the Change Request Log tool.

Project Change Log Template

It is another way of monitoring the project development, scope, and progress. By using a Project Change Log, we can see every change request at a glance and can also see whether it is accepted or rejected. It is a valuable tool for the success of your project by meeting your project goals effectively on time.

The Change Request Log proves to be a very effective tool for the good health and on-time completion of your project.

Furthermore, the change requests are received from the project team and are maintained and handled mainly by the project manager. Thus, the change request log is a tracking and tracing tool. As it aids in tracking down and pinpointing all officially documented requests for change.

Change Control Log Template

Every project face change at some point of their lifecycle often it is difficult to implement the change. But if you have a proper and efficient change control template on hand things can get easy and easy to manage.

Consequently, to cope with the intensity of the project change make sure you have a project change control template available when managing a project.

A change control template identifies and highlights the steps needed to take to implement the change. Often the proposed changes are documented and make sure when the time is right they are implemented according to the needs of the project.

This basically is the smart way of handling and implementing the change in the project scope.

Steps Involved in Project Change Control

As we have already discussed that the Project change Control is extremely important and very helpful in project management.

Now have look at some of its steps.

  1. First, comes the proposal of the change which includes the basic idea and description of change needed and required to be implemented. Mostly there is Project change Control available to document the change requests.
  2. Secondly there comes the summary of the probable impact of the change on the project.
  3. The project manager and all the other authenticated persons of the project approve the change and then it gets executed. Without approval, the change can not be processed and implemented. It is up to the manager to decide whether the change request gets accepted or rejected.
  4. Once the change passes through the acceptance process the next step is the implementation of the change. The implementation is done by doing proper planning and smart scheduling.
  5. After the implementation, the change does not get unnoticed. The project managers along with shareholders make sure that everything went as planned. They review and analyze how the change affected the project and see if the change was helpful or not.

Change Log For Project Management

As we have seen in all the discussions in this article that the project changelog is a valuable and significant tool to handle the change. It is recommended by the project managers to make sure you have a project change log template available to deal with the charge.

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