Project Kickoff Checklist Excel

It is always the best idea to make a checklist for the beginning of the project to keep a check on all the happenings in the project. This will help you handle and manage your project task efficiently.

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In this regard, the project kickoff checklist is one of the important and well-known checklists used in the project management cycle. In simple words, this helps the project to have a boost and turn the concepts and ideas into reality.

Project Kickoff Checklist

The kickoff stage knows to be the most important and critical stage of the project-like cycle. A professional project manager knows the best way for the kick-off concept to work is using a kick-off checklist.

In this article, we will see what the project kickoff checklist is and why is it important.

We will also discuss the components of the project kickoff checklist?

Components of Excel Project Kickoff Checklist

A brief checklist is needed to make sure e that the project is going in the right direction. The major components which must be the part of project kickoff checklist are as follows:

Project Kickoff Checklist Excel

  1. Appoint a project manager and arrange a meeting of the manager with stakeholders to get to know him.
  2. Present the project goals and objectives
  3. It is imperative to get all the important most needed approvals from the shareholders and stakeholders associated with your project.
  4. Define and identify the major risk and hazards of your project.
  5. You must also define and highlight all the deliverables.
  6. Next, you must map out and finalize your project team.
  7. Another most important and crucial step is to make an efficient and handy plan for communication in your project. As we all know in a project lifecycle the key is communication.
  8. Another important component that must be included in the project kickoff checklist is risk and issue management strategies and policies. Because every project faces up and down at some point in the project lifecycle. Consequently, it is needed to make sure and should be in check that a proper risk management plan is in place to make it useful when needed.
  9. Lastly, make sure you arrange to kick-off meetings after some time during the project development.
  10. Lastly do not miss on the budget when making a project kickoff checklist as budget is also another very important part of the project.

Why We Need Project Kickoff Checklist Template?

A project kickoff checklist mainly is important and is essential to let everyone know that the project has been started. This is a way to officially and authentically notify clients, team members, and shareholders and to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Some of the points which shows why we need a project kickoff checklist are as follow:

  1. Provides the project team a better understanding of their role and responsibilities and highlights their part in project development.
  2. We can get the team working on the same page with mutual understanding by using the project kickoff checklist tool.
  3. It for sure saves you time and helps you hand the project efficiently.

Creating Project Kickoff Checklist Template in Excel

Its not difficult to create your own kickoff checklist. Here are the guidelines that will helps you in:

  1. Icebreaker: A professional and good understanding within the organization can play a vital role to make a project successful. To start a meeting with a positive attitude i.e, FAQ, current affairs, activities, etc. This technique keeps calm the participants of the meeting and they get engaged in a way that will result in a more effective problem-solving meeting

  2. Setting Up NoteKeeper: It is very important that you must designate a team member that is responsible for writing down all important meeting results, decisions, action plans, or any development.

  3. Briefing Participants About Project Goals, Scope, and Approach: It is important for your team members to understand project backgrounds, goals, project scope, and strategy for executing action plans.
  4. Setting up RACI: Now, it’s time to set up RACI among team members. This includes dependencies, hand-offs, and cross-functional relationships. You can also make rules according to the nature of the project.
  5. Set an agenda for kick-off: Now coming to the set meeting agenda kickoff that explains why are you here in this meeting as well as reconsiders or overview project goals and action plans. And spread it out among the team members.

  6. Q&A Session: Q&A session is the most important part of this whole process because it allows team members to clear their doughts or any confusion. As well as they can ask for instructions, resources, etc.

Note that if you feel to conduct another follow-up meeting you can schedule it and propagate it among the team members.

Conclusion on Project Kickoff Template

Consequently, as we have seen that the project kickoff checklist helps you in managing your project in many ways. Thus whenever managing a project make sure you have a project kickoff checklist tool available to use when needed.

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