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In project management, the Project Document Tracker Excel Template plays a vital role in project documentation. Such as, construction projects need formal documentation that you present to stakeholders, customers & clients.

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These project documents ensure boost your project progress when all formal documents are well organized.

The project tracking templates assist you to achieve your goals and objectives in the best way on time. This presents you with a better scenario of your project as it progresses and develops. You can make changes in your plans and alter your decisions with the help of tracking templates and it leads to successful outcomes.

Moreover, another important attribute is that these templates aid in saving resources from being wasted in case issues remain unattended. The key to executing a project successfully is to track all the tasks within it until the completion of the project.

Project Document Tracker Template Excel Benefits

  • It serves as a bird’s eye and allows you to have a look at all the events going on.
  • However, project tracking templates facilitate identifying and capturing issues in the project that cause problems. It can also help save a reasonable amount of time as you can take care of issues before they create a crisis.
  • You can also track any issue or challenge hindering the normal activities of the project.
  • With the help of these templates, you can analyze the performance of the employees and evaluate the possibility of the success of the project.
  • Such tracking templates enable you to make sure if the project is progressing on the planned track or not.
  • These templates also keep an eye on the budget so that you don’t cross the budget limit. By using this data, you can modify the plan so the expenses remain under control.

Elements Of Project Document Tracker Excel

project document tracker template

A project document tracker performs different types of tasks, so, to understand its working below I will discuss its core elements:

  • Project Title or Identification
  • Project Sponsor or Owner
  • Project Brief
  • Project Status Data
  • Requested By Section
  • Date Section
  • Assign to Section
  • Location Section

Types of Project Tracking Templates

Here is the list of Project Management Tracking Templates types.

Multiple Project Tracker Template

In any progressive organization, it is quite often that you have to deal with multiple projects at the same time. A number of customizable templates are available at various sources that help you to track the details of a number of projects simultaneously.

You can rapidly visualize the task status of any project you are dealing with. Such templates focus mainly on task priority, status, deadlines, risks, and issues. With help of these templates, the extent of task completion can also be tracked along with estimated and fixed costs and the time invested.

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Project Issue Tracker

During the execution of the project, some changes and problems may arise. It is essential to identify and track these issues so that they must be resolved and you should be also prepared for future problems. It is necessary to implement an issue-tracking process throughout the project and use documents to record issues.

Project Management Issue Tracking

A dashboard presents a visible overview of the details of the project. The templates having a dashboard format help you to see the status of prevailing issues rapidly. There is a task list along with a space for the name of the person to whom the task has been assigned, item status, and the due dates.

Pie charts automatically populate and show the number of completed items in percentage by status and those in progress by priority. You can also customize the template according to the demand for your project and the information you want to see.

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Procurement Document Tracker

The procurement tracking template helps you to scrutinize the process of acquiring goods. It gives information regarding the user who is requesting for purchase, the repository from where it is requested as well as the amount of the requested item.

procurement document tracker

This also shows a contrast between the estimated expense of the item at the time requisition was made against the real cost while obtaining them as well as the dates of both actions. This document makes sure the ordering, reviewing, billing, and delivery management for items are included in the procurement plan.

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Construction Document Tracking Template

Like the objectives of all the projects, construction project also creates desired deliverables on budget and on time. These tracking templates should provide adequate information that is necessary to monitor the variables and resources associated with construction.

construction documentation tracker

Construction projects involve a reasonable number of documents. Construction document tracking templates act as reminders of the documentation needed and a method to track all the documents. There is room for administrative information like the project and names of key contractors, the project manager, and the architect along with their contact numbers.

The Project Document Tracker Template Excel is arranged according to the stages in the project, from the preconstruction arrangement meeting to the completion of the project, inspection, and approval. The columns can be used to track the individual who requested documents, the number of copies, the time documents are needed and when these are received, and much more.

Project Change Document Tracker

A change document tracker is a document that helps to catch change as it occurs and traces it throughout the project until the problem created has been resolved. It helps in identifying the change and you can recruit the employees to handle that change.

Project Change Log Template

This template acts as a tool to keep a record of the effort of solving the change and also set a timeline.  The changes are arranged according to priority and then tracked from the beginning until it is settled.

The change also affects the cost and time of the project which can act as crucial constraints that have to be managed carefully for the smooth running of the project.

Project Portfolio Tracker Template

The project portfolio tracking template is a powerful and resourceful tool that is used to track project progress, task completion, project status, etc. As well as, you can make a comparison report with your competitor’s projects and present it to your clients, stakeholders, and customers.

Sales KPI dashboard

This Portfolio Tracker template also helps you to keep an eye on your project progress, project cost, schedule, and timeline.


A suitable strategy to maintain the documents efficiently is discussed below:

  • Taking the time: Use the calendar to program time blocks to reflect and draft necessary documents for the project.
  • Add the appropriate details: Depending upon the nature of the document, you should add essential details based on the role of the target audience. The project manager should make sure to add the required level of detail to the documents.
  • Smart storage: Documents must be easily accessible. This involves the use of identifiable keywords.
  • Share:  Documents should be shared mutually. By doing this, constructive feedback is received that is beneficial for project success.
  • Updating the documents: As the project is executed, it is essential to update the project documentation accurately.

Conclusively, documentation is a very crucial topic in project management but it is a basic tool that keeps the execution of a project simple.

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