project management plan templates PMBOK

What is PMBOK Project Management Plan Templates?

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Project management is basically a way to apply the most dutiable and reliable procedures and practices to attain the desired goals and objectives of your project. It is basically the usage of project knowledge and skills to make a project better and run smoothly.

Therefore, there are quite different types of tools related to project management available to help project professionals manage the projects efficiently. Thus, you can pick the best one most related to your project requirement.

Project management is one of the vast fields. Every project needs monitoring and management to reach the final point successfully. Project management has various tactics and tools available these days to match the needs of different kinds of projects.

PMBOK Project Plan Templates

And you can easily get one according to the need of the project and even can make alterations if required. It has become comparatively easy to manage a project using tools and Project Plan Templates of a different kind rather than doing it without them.

In this article, we will mainly discuss different categories and types of project management tools and the way of using they. We will also shed some light on the importance of these tools and templates.

There is three P’s concept very popular is project management as it covers the whole project, which are people, product, process, and project people, product, process, and finally the project.

The process of project management revolves around these four components. The project managing process according to PMBOK mainly has 5 diverse types of stages which are initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and lastly closure. If the project works exactly on this flow and reaches the end successfully.

Types of Project Management Plan Templates

Following are some examples of different types of project management plan templates used at the different levels of the project process.

project management plan templates PMBOK

Project Initiation Template

As the name suggests that the project initiation template of one of the tools which are used in the initial stages of the project lifecycle. It mainly covers the project’s final plan and the project roadmap. Project Initiation is amongst the most significant and vital parts and an important step in project management.

It provides the basic and fundamental ground to kick-start the business project. As it gathers the data and provides the foundation for initiating the project.

As we know starting a project is an important part and by using the proper tools you can ensure the success of the project.

The project is mainly divided into 5 different phases most initial one is the initiation step. As this step is crucial and plays a vital part in the successful completion and smooth running of a project make sure you have a Project initiation Document on hand.

There are their main things included and covered in the initiation step of the project are the project charter, project business case, and project feasibility report.

Project Planning Templates

A project planning template is also one of the most important and popular categories of templates in the field of project management. It mainly covers the project costs, deliverables, scope, and objectives. The project cannot be completed successfully without having a plan and without help from a proper tool successful planning is not possible.

To get the best results and outcome for your project you must use proper planning too to plan your project. The plan must be thorough and comprehensive, so it can be understood easily. The project plan when once finalized must be reviewed regularly because as the project proceeds sometimes changes and alterations are needed for a better outcome.

Subsequently, make sure you review your project plan after some interval of time to ensure the project’s success and save it from going south. There is quite a variety of different initiation templates available choose the best one which is well-suited to your project needs and requirements.

Consequently, when managing a project keep in mind that the best planning leads to the best results.

Project Tracking Template

Tracking is a way to highlight which area needs your attention and improvement. In the case of project management, it is not that you just start a project and let it go. One of the important steps in the success of a project is project tracking which includes checking the project processes.

This will help you see how the project tasks and processes are progressing and which areas need improvements. The tracking tool aids in pinpointing the issue if they exist beforehand before they become problematic.

In short, this is a way of making improvements in your project and serves as a development tool. By this too, you can monitor and trail down the variations and upgrading in the project processes.

Moreover, the tracking templates mainly focus on project KPIs, project identification, and project document tracking. These things are vital for the progress identification of the project. Thus, the tracking tool is one of the must-have project management tools and serves as a great help for the betterment of the project.

Consequently, make sure in your overall project plan there should be a suitable tracking template added to keep track of the project’s progress.

Project Communication Plan Template

No matter which field or which category of the project you are working on communication is a must thing and cannot be neglected. In a project when there is a proper communication system, the performance can be enhanced tremendously. Through communication, the issue and problems can be highlighted and dealt with on time.

In other words, communication is the backbone of the plan and results in a successful project in the end.

The combination tool is a promising tool to spread important information throughout the project. You can also do better communication among the team members and shareholders. You can also adjust and make alterations to the communication plan template to make things better and under control.

This is also a way you can channel and combine all the members of the team and get feedback which then can be used for the improvement of the project’s progress.

Risk Management Plan Template

Risk assessment and management is a very significant process in the process of project management. This will aid in identifying and dealing with the issue associated with your project.

Timely assessment and eradication of the risk with the help of a risk management template can save you time and be very helpful in the smooth execution of the project. If you want to avoid de-tracking your project get a professional risk management template and use it when needed.

Project Closure Template

Project closure is one of the last stages of the 5-stage process of project management and monitoring. Even in the final stages of the project, there is a need for proper management and monitoring.

At the completion point of the project, you must note down what were the negative and positive points of the project through its life cycle. This data could be helpful in future projects so the mistakes cannot be repeated. The closure also included information on the profits and losses of the project.

To manage all these things, you must select a suitable project closure plan to put an appropriate end to the project.

The most important part of this process is to review all the bills payments and contracts finally at the end, so you cannot miss anything. The Project Closure Template is the best way to close, review and archive all the project data in one place for future reference.

Importance of PMBOK Project Management Templates

As a project manager, there is always a pile of work and a lot on your plate. Thus, using proper project management tools at each step of project management makes your life easy and makes things more manageable.

The list of Project Management Tools is never-ending so just make the right choice and get the one most relevant to your project requirement.

Additionally, by using proper tools you can have things appropriately managed and well organized. And you can have a road map to follow and get things done properly and on time without any issues. These are the reason for the popularity of project management tools and templates in the project management industry.

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Furthermore, if things do not go smoothly it takes a lot of effort, resources, and mainly time to make things right.

Sometimes mismanagement leads to bigger disasters. Subsequently, to refrain from all this hassle always use the relevant tool to manage your project.

This practice eventually helps you save your time and money at the same time. Accordingly, manage smart and have a well-managed and well-progressing project on hand.


As we have seen in the above discussion how important and essential to use project management tools for better management and control of the project. Consequently, when planning a project make sure you pick the right tools and templates in accordance with the project’s needs.

Then make sure the tools are available to use when needed. These should be approved and must be part of your project charter.

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